Atilla Matas, Satellite Orbit/Spectrum Consultant

Mr. Attila MATAS, a satellite Orbit/Spectrum consultant in the field of GSO and non-GSO satellites, is a retired head of the Space Publications and Registration (SPR) Division in the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau.
During his 25 years career within the ITU, first as satellite engineer and later as head of SPR division, he was directly responsible for the processing and publication of GSO and non-GSO space systems and Earth stations, submitted by administrations, for inclusion in the formal coordination procedures or recording in the MIFR, involving the application of the provisions of the Radio Regulations on the use of frequency spectrum related to space services.

Mr. Matas represented the ITU at the UN COPUOS, IAF and he is an ITU World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) veteran with participation at all 10 WRC’s since 1992 up to the recent WRC-19. On several WRC’s he served as a secretary on the agenda items related to frequency allocations and regulation of Radionavigation Satellite and Space Science service or a senior spoke person on space regulatory matters. He organized the first two ITU-R Small satellite Symposiums.

Mr. Matas holds a degree in radio engineering from the Czech Technical University of Prague, Czech republic.

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