Barry Matsumori, CEO

Barry was appointed as CEO of BridgeComm Inc. in 2017 and he brings over 30 years of experience in telecom and space technology as well as broad business insight. Prior to BridgeComm, Barry joined Virgin Galactic in 2015 as a senior vice president and managed large segments of the company including business development, advanced designs, and operations. He was recruited to SpaceX in 2011 as SVP and was responsible for all sales
and business development. During the tenure, Barry’s team developed the large backlog of rocket launch that drove the momentum of SpaceX’s presence in the space marketplace. Prior to SpaceX, Matsumori worked for several telecom companies, primarily at Qualcomm, in developing mobile communications technologies and product lines from 1994 through 2010.
Matsumori had also worked in several early-stage technology companies in development and management roles, including an IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. He is named in 16 patents. Barry holds a BS in business from Arizona State University and an MS in electrical engineering from the University of Arizona

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