Dan Nevius, Co-Founder and COO
Analytical Space

Dan Nevius is a Co-Founder and COO of Analytical Space, a Boston-based startup building a network of small satellites that use RF and optical communication to provide a data relay service for remote sensing satellites. Before starting Analytical Space, Dan was the Director of Special Projects at Planetary Resources, the asteroid mining company, where he worked on business development and strategy for the CERES constellation, a network of hyperspectral remote sensing satellites, and the company’s long-term vision of asteroid prospecting. Dan also briefly worked at BCG in the London Office and the Space and Science Branch of the White House Office of Management and Budget. He graduated from HBS in 2017 and earned his MSc in Space Science and Engineering from UCL in London, an MPhil in Engineering from the University of Cambridge where he researched methods for 3D printing large structures on the moon using local materials, and a BS in Engineering and Astrophysics from Harvard University. Analytical Space recently won NASA iTech Cycle III and Dan was selected for Forbes “30 under 30” in Science.

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