Dr Marco Esposito, Business Unit Manager
cosine Remote Sensing

Dr Marco Esposito is Remote Sensing Business Unit Manger at cosine and is managing director of Italian subsidiary coseno.

Marco completed his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Naples. Having worked on various aerospace projects in Naples, most recently as coordinator of the Environmental Research Aircraft Lab of the Italian National Research Council, Marco moved to the Netherlands to work at cosine. Having gained experience as system and performance engineer, project manager, program manager and team leader at cosine, Marco became managing director of coseno as well as Remote Sensing Business Business Unit Manager at cosine. Marco has been involved in a variety of research and development activities at cosine, all focusing on the miniaturization of optical instruments for Earth Observation and planetary exploration, including NightPod, TropOMI, MASCOT (Hayabusa 2).

Marco has led the development, demonstration in orbit and commercialization of the HyperScout®product series, the first ever miniaturized imager able to connect hyperspectral, thermal imaging and artificial intelligence techniques in one compact product for the Earth Observation market.

Marco currently leads the technical and business developments of the Unit. He defines the main remote sensing products, strategies and development roadmaps. He drives the development of the business cases in the space market and leads the technology development in the field of hyperspectral, imaging spectroscopy and lidars for space and aerospace applications. He has a strong passion and a solid track record in conceiving innovative solutions for remote sensing and in-situ measurements starting from application needs, and for the successful translation of ideas into nice, small and smart instruments mounted on airborne and spaceborne platforms.

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