Leena Pivovarova, NSR Analyst
Northern Sky Research - NSR

Ms. Pivovarova has been at the forefront of small satellite, nanolaunch, and newspace industries since 2013. After obtaining a Master of Science in Space Studies from the International Space University, Ms. Pivo focused on building and managing international partnerships for the NASA Ames Research Center.

Ms. Pivovarova joined Planet Labs in 2015, where she gained extensive experience across several lines of startup business; such as driving strategy across partnerships, satellite manufacturing and insurance, launch campaigns, and regulatory affairs. As part of Planet’s Launch and Regulatory teams, Ms. Pivovarova played a key role in Dove, SkySat, and RapidEye satellite mission success.

Leveraging her experience ranging from early stage companies through corporate mergers and acquisitions, Ms. Pivovarova has spent the last year assisting startups in the newspace sector set their go-to-market strategies and execute their manufacturing and launch objectives to achieve company goals.

Recognizing the challenges, opportunities, and feasibility of agile newspace initiatives, as well as the continued importance of legacy institutions, Ms. Pivovarova is excited to bring her expertise to the NSR team to provide clients with the knowledge necessary to succeed in fast evolving verticals.

In addition to her Master of Science in Space Studies, Ms. Pivovarova also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Central Florida.

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