Luca Maresi, Head of Optics Section
European Space Agency - ESA

Luca Maresi gained his Doctor’s Degree in Physics at the University of Milan (Italy). He started his career in 1990 at Leonardo (Florence – Italy) as System Engineer and Project Manager of projects such as Rosetta, and Cassini. In 1996 Luca Maresi moved Terma (Denmark) to become the Project Manager of the Terma Star Attitude Sensor dedicated to small satellites. This system, back in 1996, was a ground-breaking design and has been flown on several defense satellites design for tactical operations. In 2001 Luca Maresi joined the European Space Agency. Since 2013 he is leading the Optics Engineering section in the Technical Directorate. Luca Maresi worked on several remote sensing projects, spanning from large spectrometers, such as TROPOMI, flying onboard on the Sentinel 5P satellites. He contributed to the development of new technologies enabling compact multispectral and hyperspectral systems, such as Proba-V, Streego, CHIEM, CHIMA, and HyperCube.

Since 2004 Luca Maresi is the chairman of the Symposium on Small Satellite Systems and Services, a.k.a the 4S Symposium ( Luca is also the organizer of the school of Space Optics Instrument Design and Technologies ( started in 2017 dedicated to professionals working in space optics.

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