Richard Davis, CEO

Richard Davis is the Managing Member of ArgoSat Consulting, a boutique advisory firm specializing in the space industry. Richard is a dynamic, proven strategist, with astute leadership skills developed in operational and financial roles over a nearly 20-year corporate finance career. With experience in Investment Banking, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Richard brings a wealth of experience in corporate strategy, M&A and project finance across multiple technology sectors. To date, he has invested over $450 million in technology companies ranging from pure startups to large public corporations and advised on another $6 billion in transactions. He has extensive knowledge of the private and public markets, and sound business judgment.

As a private equity investor, as an executive and at ArgoSat, Mr. Davis has written, evaluated and executed dozens of satellite business plans. He has developed proprietary tools and algorithms to better define the business models and run sensitivity analyses to ensure compliance with financing requirements. Importantly, because of his background, he understands the needs of financial institutions not only for evaluation of credit quality but also for generating sufficient returns to attract capital.

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