Based in Germany Astos Solutions provides innovative software and hardware solutions that help to reduce cost and to increase productivity with almost 30 years of experience.

The products and services are dedicated to any space mission like launcher ascent, constellations, rendezvous, electric propulsion orbit transfer, interplanetary flight, and landing. The software is dedicated to trajectory and vehicle design optimization, mission and system concept simulation, GNC/AOCS design and analysis, safety and risk analysis for space debris and launcher ascent, error budget engineering, and magnetic cleanliness.

High-performance visualization capabilities allow computing drag and solar radiation perturbations for sail applications.

A fluent workflow from the model over processor to hardware in the loop simulation is embedded in validation facilities. The EGSE product family is extended by a reconfigurable AOCS-SCOE based on dSPACE components, a GNSS simulator from SYNTONY, and a camera and LIDAR simulator for real-time testing of vision-based navigation algorithms.

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