SSC is a global provider of advanced space services.

Offering the world’s most flexible, high performance and multi-mission global ground station network, SSC provides satellite owners and operators reliable access to their spacecraft in any orbit, altitude and inclination, from LEO to Lunar, from single satellites to constellations, for many types of missions. Our customers can focus on their mission objectives and rely on SSC to manage all necessary ground network services, operations, and maintenance.

Europe’s busiest Spaceport –
We develop experimental payloads and provide rocket and balloon launch services at our unique facility, the Esrange Space Center in Sweden. We have conducted over 570 rocket and 440 balloon missions to date. We also offer testbed services for technology development, such as reusable launch technology for rockets, engines and test flights.
SSC provides complete engineering and space consultancy services to satellite operators.

SSC has nearly 600 employees around the globe.

Company Website: http://SSCSPACE.COM

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